Animal Rehabilitation Riverhead

Our pets can suffer from many of the same painful conditions that plague humans, like arthritis and joint problems. They can also experience pain as a result of aging, injury, or diseases that affect the joints and muscles. Unfortunately, our pets
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Pet Acupuncture Huntington

Whether your dog or cat is hurting due to age, injury, or illness, it is your responsibility as a pet parent to ensure that they receive proper treatment. Pain management ensures your pet’s comfort and can help them avoid lifelong disability. There
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Animal Rehabilitation Hampton Bays

Just like humans, animals often benefit from rehabilitative services when they are recovering from injuries or surgery. It’s often the case that a procedure is only as effective as the work put in after an animal has healed and recovering. Physical
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Acupuncture Long Island

Pets can experience pain just like humans. Whether caused by age, disease or injury, pain can greatly decrease a companion animal’s quality of life and lead to disability. Fortunately, there are several options for treating pain and helping animals
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Dog Acupuncture in Long Island

Like humans, dogs can suffer from a wide range of often-painful conditions and ailments. Also like humans, they can benefit from numerous treatments. While many veterinarians stick with medication-based treatments, some practitioners embrace a
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Animal Ultrasound Therapy in Long Island, NY

Ultrasounds are a fairly common part of medical practice. Many people are familiar with ultrasound technology in terms of its diagnostic benefits, especially for pregnancies. In hospitals around the globe, this technology is used to view organs
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Finding Pet Acupuncture in Shirley

When it comes to a beloved pet’s health and wellbeing, many owners refuse to leave any stone unturned. For some animals, that may mean a midnight trip to the animal hospital when your cat has a fever or the veterinary clinic when your dog got into
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Finding a Physical Therapy Veterinarian in Shirley

If you’ve ever suffered from a serious injury, you know how frustrating the recovery can be. You spend much of your time wishing that you could just get back to your normal routine without making things worse. Getting out of bed in the morning may
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What Is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is a form of therapy that utilizes water to provide buoyancy, stability, and hydrostatic pressure. These components are good for the post-operative, arthritic, neurologic, debilitated, and/or geriatric dogs. Hydrotherapy is great for
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What Is Massage Therapy?

Have you ever had a massage done at a spa, or even a hand massage in general? That is exactly similar to massage therapy administered to our canines and felines.

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